Check out this pretty interesting analysis¬†on the possible satirical undertones of Psy’s Gangnam Style by Max Fisher of The Atlantic. If you haven’t seen the video, Psy, real name Park Jae-Sang, goes through a scenery of imagination and riches. Some would find it hilarious, but to others, it is a funny satirical analysis of the excessive consumerism of Korean aspirations. Hopefully people see more than just a funny video, but something more of a serious view of life outside of America. Really changed my understanding of this video.


Jay Electronica is the hardest working emcee in America. There I said it. I am now officially on the Jay Electronica bandwagon.

Every song is something totally unique. Every song is a another heart beat for hip hop. Every song is proof that this MC knows how to rap and will kill your favorite rapper.

Jay Electronica may not get Lil Weezy sales, but he is the hardest working rapper out there. No doubt. Finito. It’s over.

Oh, and I’m definitely going to buy this shirt.

After a dinner, I decided to hit up a local music shop called Rasputin’s. They got some good shit at that store. Unfortunately, I don’t have all the money in the world to afford everything in that store. So I compromise and try my luck with the dollar and 50 cent used record buckets. I always find interesting things pick ups. Here are a few of my purchases:

Stevie Wonder – Music of My Mind & Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On

Sade – Diamond Life & The Chamber Brothers – The Time Has Come

I was pleasantly surprised to see the Marvin Gaye record in the dollar bucket. Equally surprised with the Stevie Wonder record. Two classic albums that added to the evolution of music.

Sade is a beautiful woman and a fucking amazing singer. She sings such a great amount of emotion in her music that I have to stop and just listen to her music.

The Chambers Brothers is a great pick up, as well. The band is probably best known for the song “The Time Has Come Today” and it is definitely one of the songs that defined the 60s. I used to listen to that song when I was young.

When I was young, around junior high age, I was really into 60’s pop music. Something about the generation of music attracted me to it and I wanted to find anything and everything that I could listen to. This is one of those songs. I didn’t know much about who the band was and I even thought a white guy sang the song. Wow.

It’s nice how everything comes full circle like that.

While perusing the local Goodwill in San Jose, Ca I found some vinyl gems. Check em out. Bought some vinyl gems for $.99 and a killer pick up for $2.99!

Photo 210

I found this and intrigue by the word “Cannes” and the nice imagery from the front and back covers. The music was the icing on top.

Photo 211

Always wanted to listen to Perry Como.

Photo 212

“Back to life/Back to reality” is a killer hook. This vinyl release is pretty legit.

Photo 213

Self explanatory. Who wouldn’t buy this vinyl?

Photo 214

Nice dance track. Shit would go well in a club.

Photo 215

Haven’t listened yet. Booty bass at it’s finest though.

Photo 216

I came. I saw. I conquered


For those who have read my blog posts about music, knows that I love Stones Throw Records. To celebrate the ongoing 2009 Stones Throw Tour, Stussy has collaborated with the legendary record label on a tour t-shirts to be sold at the tour venues and at Stussy shops worldwide. Check this out. A classic collabo. COLLABO!