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Connoissuer 533 is a local shop of San Jose located on south market st. Anyway, it’s a great place to shop with a good atmosphere. Stock inventory is not the biggest but they got the stuff that is not in the “mainstream” of streetwear. Holla at them for their memorial weekend sale. I might be there, if I had any money. But I’ll be there more this summer.
Anyway, here is the sampling of the stuff I bought at the shop. I like there selection, it’s not about the new hot shit but what’s different that no one is on at the moment. I never heard of Shalom, but I like there shit now that I got introduced to them by Connoissuer.

I don’t know about this track, it ain’t bad but I thought he would come out with something a little bit more uptempo than this track. It is not a bad track, it’s actually pretty good. With the Young Jeezy samples and the hammers slamming down on the metal as the overlay on the hi-hats. I like it but he should come out with something slamming. But it’s probably the point of the album. Coming out from college and making that money is what ‘Ye is going for with this track and the whole album, in general, and it should be fire. Hot fire, man!

Yours to Keep

My collection is growing stronger. Before, cds I bought were either of hip hop or house genres. Though, I still get my ocassional hip hop or house cd, but I am veering off the usual path and going into some pop rock stuff.

Two cds that I just bought were the new Jarvis Cocker cd and the solo debut of Albert Hammond Jr, he’s one of the band members of The Strokes. The one with the jewfro. Anyway, two really good album. Especially the Albert Hammond Jr album. It’s a little bit more of a slowed down, softer edge strokes album. The Jarvis Cocker album is the same old Jarvis Cocker album. But he delivers everytime with witty lyrics and great music.

Anyway, pick these albums if you want to explore some new music and you just want to grow up.

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Photo Courtesy of UFC.COM

I was originally not going to buy this PPV match, but I gave in. $39.99 bucks and I think it was worth it. Anyway, liddell and jackson was a good fight even if it did last for a minute and a half. But there was at least two good fights on the card. The Parysian fight wasn’t bad and the houston alexander vs “the dean of mean” keith jardine wasn’t a bad fight either. I know, I complained about the main event being too short, but this fight was a complete shocker. Jardine just did not take Houston Alexander seriously, and he paid for it. He got beat senseless and Houston just punched till his mouth guard came out. Anyway, this will probably be the only PPV match that I see from UFC this year. Until the Dan Henderson match with Quinton Jackson or when the PRIDE FC fighters start coming into the UFC for bouts, then I might order again. Come on Shogun Rua and Wanderlei Silva! Come and destroy the competition.

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