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I am not a book person, more of a magazine guy. But a book that I have been interested in for a long time is “Streetwear” by Steven Vogel. Check it out at your local bookstore or

It’s a pretty good book with a lot of insights into the industry by many of the industry pioneers and current stars. I very much liked the Hiroshi Fujiwara and the Staple interview, but I enjoyed all of them.

Only gripe that I had was the lack of variation in the questions given to some of the interviewees. Other than that, a fine job and hope vol. 2 is just as good.


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From the beast itself, comes news of the release of MHI Wahl Clipper set. I find this pretty cool and interesting.


On a product tip, the clipper set is mighty svelte with it’s black and gray color way with a pretty cool print to go along with it and the orange accentuates the product beautifully.


On a business standpoint, this is an even greater achievement. Who would thought that a company like Wahl, with it’s long-standing history, would ever collaborate with MHI. Maybe time will tell if collaborations like did will ever be a defacto business decision for streetwear brands. I can already see the collaborations of the future. TheHundreds x Ikea, Johnny Cupcakes throw pillows by Target, etc. It’s nice seeing this kind of activity in the market.

I might buy these, or I may not. 🙂 I said I was done with buying nikes and the new balances are making live with that decision more and more. But the Nike Air Max is making drool, but something about just makes me hesitant to put down money on it. I don’t know, what do you think?


Nike Huf Air Max

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New Balance 577

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