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Kevin Garnett

This was a shocker after coming home from my birthday shopping. Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and now Kevin Garnett! The 2007 Celtics look like the 2004 Lakers. But considering the weak eastern conference, who can really contend other than Pistons and the Heats. Okay, the Cleveland Lebrons, with the powerful tandem of Old, Business, Kid, and Sport Lebron with Boobie Gibson, may have a chance, but Business might want to dunk more and looking good than pass which may result in chemistry issues with everybody else. But that’s beside the point. 🙂

Anyway, I think the Timberwolves still look good as a team after seeing what they got. They got a good power forward in Al Jefferson, a up-and-coming tweener center/forward in Ryan Gomes, a young and potentially great guard in Gerald Green, all talent but no focus player Sebastian Telfair, and a good veteran leader in Theo Ratliff with an expiring contract. But this takes them a step back, definitely.Overall, Celtics: win; Timberwolves: 50/50; and the Eastern Conference is still a 3-4 team show.

Nike is still the de facto shoe brand around the world. Okay, soccer is not one of their main brands right now. Tip your hats to Adidas for still keeping their hold on that market. But most people overlook the apparel line of Nike. No not the hoodies of college programs that they put out, but the more casual fashion line that they put out.Take for example the new Spring 07 Nike Tech Pack Collection.


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HBO is sort of an enigma right now. Their hit show is off the air (umm…sopranos…if you didn’t know.) and really their only hit shows are Big Love and Entourage, but they always put out good show not hindered by censors.

I admit, I haven’t really seen this show a lot, but from what I have seen this musical about a struggling band committing to life in New York city. It goes through the awkward lives of Jermaine and Bret as they try to succeed as a band as well in love and life.
Like I said, this is a musical/sitcom and it is hilarious. The music is the star of the show and it is fun overall.

Watch it and have some fun. Grade:A-.