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Image courtesy of UFC.COM and ZUFFA, INC.

I just finished watching this fight. BJ Penn is a savage. Truly a technician. I didn’t notice any uneasiness for BJ Penn during the fight. Smooth transition with his submissions. The rear naked choke hold was beautiful. I liked how he used his legs to keep Jens Pulver’s armed down causing him to be defenseless near the neck area. A true living legend.

Jens pulver is a great fighter as well. A fighter with great heart and powerful hands. Can’t take nothing away.
The ultimate fighter fights were okay, I guess. The finale was weak, except for the first round. Nate Diaz is a good fighter but the injury to Manny dampens this win for me. Hopefully in a couple months they can have a proper rematch.
Joe Lauzon is a savage, ’nuff said.
Roger Huerta is also savage.
Overall, a good night of action from the UFC. Can’t wait for 73 and 75 to come. Definitely, can’t wait for UFC75 with the Henderson and Jackson fight.

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No Homo, originally uploaded by arguablysane.

Yes, I did buy these purple Emerica vans rip off, or whatever you wanna call ’em. Anyway, I am starting to veer away from Nike and sneakers in general. I will buy a pair I like, but only if it is off the chain. Weekly crap update this week. Just wait.

It’s the new way to keep on blogging. Anyway, I buy shit every week, so why not just keep a running tally of the bullshit that I buy. Magazines, clothes, books, food, anything and everything. Anyway here is this week’s crap.

Magazine(s) this Week:
Nylon Guys. Nice magazine, this caught my eyes because of the nigo feature. But I like the magazine overall.
Not much, just a bandana from the movie Hostel 2. I don’t like horror movies that much. But when free shit falls on your lap, you just take it.

I like house music, and one of the new groups burning up the electro-house scene, or whatever they call it now, is Justice. They are a French duo burning up the dance floor all-over the world right now. Well, anyway, if you are in the vicinity of France in the upcoming weeks, Colette is selling some of the t-shirts that were showcased in the groups new video, D.A.N.C.E. See the video above. Here are some of the t-shirts coming out.

Check out this interview by Highsnobiety with the head Crook with the dreams of castles, Dennis Calvero. Crooks has been around for a minute, but they are just killing it with their street dreams inspired clothing. When I do my so awesome designs (sarcasm, people!) I am inspired by the crooks people for their gritty but still clean look. But please, enough with the Medusa bandanna designs. (joking, please don’t beat me up)