Monthly Archives: March 2008

My name is Joe Siwa, and I am a magazine addict. I wonder if there is a magazine addiction? (too lazy to google it, so I’ll do it tomorrow) Anyway, just bought 5 new issues of some of my favorite magazines. BPM, Vapors, Fortune, Metro-Pop, Mixmag.


Truth be told, I have never heard of this restaurant til today. So, feeling hungry and adventurous, I tried it with little expectation. Came out of it feeling refreshed and enlightened.


The building seemed like a rundown 1950s diner, but inside, the atmosphere felt good and made you comfortable. Food was definitely good and I would recommend it to anybody. Service was also a big factor. The menu was very extensive with items catered to people with different tastes.


Ask for #60, I believe that is the Com Ga Xa Ot. Chicken grilled and then sauteed with garlic, red chili pepper, and some onion. Really good taste and was really balanced. The garlic did not overpower the chicken, and the chili pepper was really more of an enhancement, rather than a individual taste to the dish. Check it out at 535 E. Santa Clara St. in San Jose.


I am watching this show on called Start-up Junkies. Pretty cool show. It shows the daily operations of a start-up called as they try to transition from start up to full fledge corporation. A great show for those looking to see how life is for a start up company. A quote that would summarize the lives of these people: mo money, mo problem.

Friday was the same. Went to class and then work. Afterwards did some stuff. Had some treats ice cream with some friends and then took it back to my cousin’s house.

Watch the jabbawockeez kill it and then I went to some PF Changs with the family. How’s this for a phone call reservation? 
ME: (It is 8:30) Hi, can I make a reservation for a party of 15 at 8:45?
PF Changs: Um, did you say a party of 15?
ME: Yes.
PF Changs: I think that would be better at 9:30-9:45.
ME: Oh, okay. (I hear my mom in the back of my head shouting at me on the phone for not reserving earlier.) I guess put my name down. 
Restaurant tip #4080: Reserve at least an hour before you go there.
But it was good food none the less. Tip about eating with 14 other people: take charge and order somerthing for every one. And order proportionately for the number of people. Ex. 15 people should have at least 3 of every dish.