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This track has been in my head for a good week now, so I guess if I post it it’ll escape my head. I hated it at first, but it kind of grew on me a little. Whatev. Don’t wanna talk about it anymore. Just listen.


The action of laughing is a comforting part of life. Laughter is a good policy. It really is. In the context of politics, I think having a comedic side to these stupidly morbid commercials would at least let people get a calming feeling. I hate all of these stupid coming up lately in the state of California with their serious voice narrators and pessimistic tones. Let people laugh and don’t feed on the negativity in life.

Americans, in general, are hard workers. But the two days out of the week that we call our weekend is our sanctuary for relaxation. But sometimes I think of what Americans can accomplish if we just go to that extra mile. That one or two steps that we as workers can perform to be more productivity as a whole. In Japan it’s not uncommon for an employe to spend their entire entire career in one job. In fact, it’s the norm. Japanese men and women are very loyal to their jobs. If you don’t believe me, find a video of a Japanese gas station attendant, and you’ll see the dedication to their position. In America, some would look down on a certain job career. But in Japan, any job is a great job. Check out some pictures of Japanese studio Polyphony Digital, producers of the very popular Gran Turismo series. Sleeping in cramp cots and sleeping chairs in your very confined cubicle, now that’s going the extra mile. Thank you to jeffstaple for theseĀ images. Please check out his blog here.

Pretty sick video. Reflex is a DJ in San Francisco and he is releasing his EP, Night Jams, in November. Do him a favor and check out his myspace. Reflex produced the track, releasing an EP, and even made the video himself. Pretty talented kid. The track and the music video is really cool, the music really shows off how chill and relaxing San Francisco could be.

Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Diner (DNA Remix)

This song was the song for the dance craze in the early 90’s. Suzanne Vega originally released this song as an acapella. Basically, there was no backing music to the track, just her voice for the entire track. DNA Disciples then took that track and added a Soul 11 Soul breakbeat underneath with some ambient synth, orchestra hits, and piano licks added for good measure. The hook was changed to the playful “doo doo doo doo, doo da-doo doo” and a remix was born. Suzanne Vega approved of the remix and a hit was made.

Fun fact: the original acapella track was one of many tracks used to develop the mp3 codec algorithm. True shit.



Recently, a CNN iReport citizen journalist published a news item breaking the news of Steve Jobs heart attack. (CNN’s official statement to the fake news item) The aftermath of this false news item was the sharp drop in Apple’s share. This resulted in an SEC investigation being launched to pursue if the item was to force a sell off on Apple shares, which would result in a very bad consequences for the “citizen journalist”. The fun part is that this “citizen journalist” may never be found and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

So, I posted an entry last week about citizen journalism, referring to CBS eye mobile blunder. I am not a great fan of citizen journalism. I agree that it gives new sources an ability to increase their scope of content for their viewers. But the biggest negative that I see with citizen journalism is the freedom of it all. Journalism, news reporting, in general involves a great deal of fact checking. Being a “citizen journalist” does not give you the freedom to post whatever you want. You have to be responsible to the news and to the readers or viewers you are informing.

Look, real journalists become journalists because they earn the right to be. Your average joe or jane on the street, who call themselves “citizen journalist” will never be a true journalist. All they ever will be is an innocent bystander who was at the right place at the right time. Nothing more, nothing less. They have no credibility other than being their own viewpoint.

The solution that seems most plausible is the control and management of the content. The whole point of these citizen journalism websites is that users can post whatever they want. Users must govern themselves and make sure that each user is properly using the website. But if CNN or CBS were to control the users for the sake of their own credibility and revenue, will users still use the website afterwards?

Youtube, Flickr, Myspace, etc., basically any user generated website have rules and regulation on how their users have to act. But the users didn’t leave. They either didn’t care anymore or took a shortcut to avoid the system. They also did not leave because these websites were almost vital to people’s lives. Is CNN iReport or CBS Eye Mobile vital to the lives of their users?

Murs is probably one of the greatest emcees you’ve never heard of. Murs comes from LA and isn’t some chump with a color on his back pocket. He has brought heat for a long time and has been building buzz with the hip hop community with his last two solo albums: Murs 3:16 the 9th Edition and Murray’s Revenge. Both are collaborations with soul sampling extraordinaire 9th Wonder, and his flow and lyrics are unmatched on those two albums.

(Also, worthwhile listen is his Atmosphere collabo Felt: A Tribute to Christina Ricci and Felt 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet.)

Now, Murs is back and is making his major record debut with Murs for President. This is an album of great proportions. Production is handled by Will.I.Am, Nottz, 9th Wonder, and many more. From what I have heard so far, this album is very solid. I will have to cop it to get the full experience, but from the few tracks I have heard so far, Murs is the same, indie or major.

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Murs – Bad Man

Murs – Better Than The Best

Murs – H.U.S.T.L.E.