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Giant Robot

Giant Robot #57

Could not think of a cool catchy title so whatever. Anyway, here are some magazines that I bought because I didn’t want to save my 10 dollars. Funny thing is though, I actually saved 60 cents because I pointed out that the Borders cashier entered the Canadian dollar price for my Giant Robot magazine. 5.50 or 4.90? Frugality at it’s finest.

Nylon Guys

Nylon Guys

Mayer Hawthorne is a new artist from the Stones Throw Camp. His style is old doo wop Mo’Town records music. Surprisingly, when I first heard “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out” I thought it was some unreleased track from the 60’s that Stones Throw got a hold of.

I research some more and I found out it was released in 2008 and is sung by a white guy from Detroit!!! This shit is pretty dope. Check out Mayer Hawthorne’s artist page here.

Mayer Hawthorne – Just Ain’t Gonna  Work Out

Mayer Hawthorne – When I Said Goodbye



One day the Earth’s population will far exceed the available land that mother nature has alloted for us. Some say those day are coming faster and faster. Puma has planned for the future and created a very beautiful store made entirely of shipping containers. These shipping containers are customizable to any feasible specification and can be easily packed up and shipped off to another location. Truly amazing.

This a really amazing idea because it allows for the reuse of materials deemed out of date and giving it a totally new life of functionality. Check out inhabitat for a more indepth look at this project.


Ubiq x atmos, two OG streetwear representatives who are maturing as they prolong their career lifes, have collaborated to release a really hot shoe that shows that you don’t have to look like a hyper color wearing mall rat shopping at Journeys or Shiekh to look cool. A really well thought shoe that is saddled with details to make any sneaker otaku go overboard. The shoe features suede material as well as a checkered pattern panel. No doubt is this shoe made with the best of quality materials. Check here for a Japanese online store selling these pair of goods. The gallery is below with another color way.



Stampd is a new sneaker company coming out of LA. From what I have seen from their website, they are really pushing a simple silhouette featuring clean lines and quirky graphics. I think this will be the new hot trends for shoe companies in the next couple of seasons. Everyone has the cool and secret colorway, but you will see more and more underground shoe companies pushing this style.

Alife has dones this before with their high tops with crazy colorways, but with their big fat logo on the side. As well some low tops with a crazy patterns.

Pharell and Nigo’s ice cream line is doing this as well.


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I always like finding well-designed jacket for the upcoming nuclear winters. Yes, winters, with an s, as in multiple. Anyway, Waste(twice), a Japanese fashion firm from Japan , released a well designed jacket that would go well for any apocalyptical situations in the future. The jacket features  a clean cut silhouette with very simple lines. The piece is also waterproof, windproof, etc., etc. Check out the rest of the pictures below. Also check their website for more info.

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Gemma Booth Blog

Courtesy of Gemma Booth's Blog

I want someone to try this in public here in the U.S. Come on, just try it. I would only do it if there were a Koala version. Hmm, never noticed the scarf, but I think that’s the finisher of the whole look. The scarf completes the greatness of this outfit. No joke, I would seriously wear a Koala version. Even do a BAPE zip-up that covers the face and I will seriously wear it.

Life is short. Everyone of cherish these moments that we call life. Nothing hurts me more than feeling incomplete or not fulfilling the potential that we all have as human beings. Everyday life is filled with joy. All you have to do is live it and you will be better because of it

There are people out there doing amazing things in life. This man named Fred Knittle passed away from a battle with cancer. Unfortunately, like all things in the world, some things have to end. But it seemed that this man did everything without hesitation and with full intentions to fulfill the joy of life. Watch this video and see how a man stricken with cancer and heart failure can sing and give a performance that most artists will never ever achieve.

Enjoy your life. Like the people of Young@heart choir, live it and you will see the beauty of life.

Fred Knittle & young@heart choir performing “Fix You” by Coldplay

Fred Knittle, 83, a man with a passion.