The Knicks are at it again…

The Knicks somehow don’t like money all of a sudden. The NBA Tim Tebow is on the move and is now officially set on taking his talents and considerable money making clout onto the Houston Rockets. The Rockets offered a contract to Jeremy Lin that was unbelievable to say the least. $25 million for 3 years. Simple right? Nope, a $5 million second year that jumps to $15 million in the final year. Accepting this contract means the Knicks face a luxury tax for being over the budget as well. Amazingly played, Houston.

As fast as Linsanity grew to a fever pitch in New York, the exit went to the 11th hour before he officially became a Houston Rocket. Speculation abounded for whether the Knicks would decide to keep Jeremy Lin in a blue and orange uniform. They made a basketball decision, a good decision for their team but clearly is something that is not going to be appreciated by the already rabid New York Knicks fans.

Face facts, Jeremy Lin prints money when he is in the court. Whether it be because he is Asian, or the personification of the American dream of personal struggle to riches, Jeremy Lin was the hot topic for much of the second half of the 2011-2012 NBA Season. MSG sells out on a regular basis, but it was different. Fans didn’t want to see the Knicks just for the Knicks, their asses were on those seats for #17. The same jersey that was #2 in total sales for the NBA. More than Koba and Lebron. More than Melo and Amar’e at 5 and 11, respectively.There was true buzz in the air for the Knicks for once.

We won’t know till halfway through the 2012 season if Jeremy Lin is really legit or just really lucky. But I know that in Houston he is about to be the face of that team. How is it that the Rockets become the center for Chinese NBA stars with Yao Ming and now Jeremy Lin? Some would say it’s a small market town in terms of business and endorsement, but it’s the 4th largest city in the USA, and about 6% are of Asian ethnicity. Jeremy Lin will have no problem transferring his considerable financial success for the Rockets.

Media attention was there for Yao Ming, if Jeremy Lin continues his success on the court, the media will pay attention to the Jeremy Lin story. Season tickets will be sold and asses will be on those seats. Advertising for the Rockets will jump tremendously as soon as the ball drops on the first game.


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