Monthly Archives: November 2007

I like photography. Here are some pictures that I took in the past few days and messed around with in Photoshop.
These pictures were taken at night, during the morning, and all through out the day. Mostly of just random subject matters. I just wanted to experiment and see what would come up.
Remember, that this pictures are all on my flickr account. Peace out, KBTS up!
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Not bad. Not great, but if you want to eat something different, and this is something totally different, then this is a good place to hang out at.

Basically, it is a Asian and Cajun Cuisine Fusion restaurant. (Say that three times fast) I chose the dirty rice dish and it wasn’t bad. Had a good balance of meat and vegetables and the rice was well cooked. Only complaint was that the spices overshadowed the dish a little bit. It could be that the dish was so supposed to be like that, but I find it frustrating when the dish is tasteful but most of the taste is outweighed by a large spice attack on the taste buds.

Anyway, check it out and see how it goes for you. But overall experience was not bad and I would go there again.