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Totally took me by surprise. Just checking my RSS feeds and this popped up out of nowhere. New design, new features, same old Apple feel.


The controls have been moved to the headphone to make the form factor much smaller than before. Also an interesting feature is Voice Over. It tells you what’s playing through some computerized voice with the ability to speak in 14 language. Wowzee.


Check out Apple for the details.


Junya Watanabe Commes des Garcons has been holding it down for a long time in Japan. As part of the Commes des Garcons empire, Junya Watanabe’s self titled line always releases seasons that are the evny of the fashion world. The new releases from the line features bright color, crazy creative patterns, and high quality modern materials. Junya Watanabe doesn’t dissapoint with the Spring/Summer releases. The



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I like MMA, or to the uneducated, the UFC. MMA is a sport that has had a short time on this earth, but has had a long history through the different martial arts assocatied with it.


Japan and the U.S. are the two biggest players in the MMA scene. With the UFC  the powerhouse in the U.S. and Dream and WVR (World Victory Road) as the main promotions in Japan. UFC fighters are deeper in talent than the fighters in Japan, but one thing I know, the Japanese promotion have better poster designs.


Based on design alone, I would rather go to the Dream event. The DREAM poster just has a more warrior spirit feel to it. Unfortunately, there is a whole ocean and a tough economic times to fulfill that.


Here are some releases from TST, a japanese brand from japan (!), have created some shoes that would work beautifully with a cotton suit for the summer. Suede and Leather options are available. Check out more information here.


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I’ve read comics for a long time. I was more into the art and design elements of a comic book more than the story itself. I was even fascinated by comic book lettering for a couple of years. I had a great fascination for artist like Jim Lee, Michael Turner (RIP), Leinil Francis Yu, Travis Charest, Alex Ross, etc., etc. This guys had art that were not only original styles and were imitated, and sometimes shamalessly copied, by many artists in the comic book industry.


Unfortunately, I grew up and my dreams of comic book stardom, fascination for that matter, went away as the years dissapeared. I don’t know if it were the lack of interesting stories or artists to admire, but I just lost interest in keeping up with the joneses on comic books.

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I know. I know. I have been releasing mostly music related posts, but hopefully something else interesting comes up in the near future.

Check out this band, Passion Pit. (myspace) Passion Pit comes from the way of Massachusetts and they come through speakers like a breath of fresh air. Their music is melodic with sonic depth created through sampled elements and jittery beats. Check out this two tracks: Better Things and Sleepyhead. Their E.P. can be had for a small fee in the mega music store that is iTunes.

Below is the music video for Sleepyhead.

I wanted to feel like a responsible adult, so I decided to listen to some good music for once. Nothing beats this timeless classics. Check the videos.

Tom Jones – If He Should Ever Let You Go

George Michael – One More Try

Meatloaf – I’d Do Anything for Love

General Public – Tenderness