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Fonzworth Bentley, Kanye West, and Andre 3000 come together to form a super, supergroup. Included is the Sa-Ra house band. Not bad. After the C.O.L.O.U.R.S. track on the “Cant Tell Me Nothing” Mixtape, I actually liked the approach of a smooth laid back group geared to just straight chilling and having a good time instead of the formulaic look at me, my gems, and my gun approach. Hopefully something really comes out of this. Not just the occasional guest spot and mixtape drop.



Madlib and MF Doom are outstanding artists who make up the hip hop superduo that is Madvillain and are very productive artists who put out music on a perpetual basis. I hear Madlib makes beats 24/7. Nonstop. He has a sampler in every room of his house. Meanwhile, MF Doom has his house rigged with mics on every room and every corner. Basically, his house is a giant vocal recording room. But, even with there hard work, they have yet to release a proper sequel to the original masterpiece, Madvillainy. It has been nearly 5 years since the release, and few updates have been said about the sophmore release. Maybe it’s the clicheic artistic excuse of not wanting to ruin a classic album that has slowed down progress? We will only find out when the album finally comes out if the long wait has soured people’s taste.

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Baltimore, Maryland, or some would call bodymore, murdaland, is a bit of a question mark in my mind. Murder and drugs rule the city and politicians and the law have little effect in the social well being of it’s population. But out of all the chaos and madness that roam the streets lies a movement in music. DJ extraordinare Aaron LaCrate is at the forefront of the movement called Gutter Music.

Gutter Music is a mix of hip hop, miami bass, old school house, and electronic music. All this comes together into a sonic mix of booms and bips that would make the stiffest white guy dance.

Not only is Aaron LaCrate the DJ that is spinning the music on its head he is also a clothing company owner with his brand Milkcrate. The brand releases some very colorful and fun clothing that makes you stand out on the dance floor. Check them out at