Monthly Archives: May 2008

Boston vs Los Angeles. Celtics vs Lakers. This is the CLASSIC series of this decade and I can finally watch every game of this series. The Spurs and the pistons are great teams, but they are boring!!!!!! Yes that needed the extra exclamation points.

Kobe vs Ray. Garnett vs. Gasol. Pierce vs Odom. I can’t wait! Hopefully, this goes for seven games and not a blow out for each team.  I am not calling any winners. I just want a great series for the team deserving of a hard fought championship.

I don’t get to go crate digging as much I want to, but Rasputins in Campbell, Ca, USA, is a great source for great music. I bought the M83, Fatboy Slim, Fashion Week, and Flight of the Conchords album.


Fatboy slim

Fashion Week

Flight of the Conchords

Mostly good, but I really like the Flight of the Conchords album. The album is mostly music from the TV show and you should buy this record.

Just picked up a couple of magazines this past tuesday. I have been busy with finals, so I just needed to get out and relax. I got Cars, Vapors, Antenna, MetroPop, Wallpaper*.






I like to find magazines that I just know I will like to read. I always have a monthly pick up list, but when I  find something such as Wallpaper* it’s always a good day. Check it out at your local magazine shop and enjoy reading.

This is probably one of the coolest collaborations that I’ve seen in a long time. Staple Design worked with, Hiroshi Fujiwara’s one of many lines, Head Porter on a series of bags and accessories that will surely satisfy the global trotters among us. Among the inventory is a passport holder, 15″, 13″ inch laptop case holders, and a backpack large enough to fit all of the items seen in the pics. They should be in the correct outlets as I type this. More info on Mr Staple’s great blog.

I really like the combo of colors. I believe that the colors are related to the feature  of being able to place all of this bags and their respective items into the bag. If you were to mix these colors, it would all mix into to black which is the color of the backpack. Anyway, more updates as the weeks of summer come and go.

Prism Collection - Staple x HeadPorter Collaboration

Jeff Staple has just updated his blog with the new shipment of the Staple Spring 08 collection. The pieces are all on point, but I like the baum windbreaker and the banker tote bag. The windbreaker is made with nylon and the aqua green on black is a nice touch. The banker tote is based off on bank bags that hold cash. It has been adjusted to fit a laptop or whatever stack of cash you need to put in it. 🙂