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My friends and I decided to treat out our friend for a night out on the town. Gordon Biersch was the destination and food and beer was the mission. Anyway, the food was great and we had a great time. Anyway, check out the pics and I definitely recommend Gordon Biersch if you are ever in town.

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As I was browsing my daily reading material, this line by the team kai and sunny called the Call of the Wild popped up on This line really caught my eye and these are some of the most beautifully cut and sewn pieces that I have seen. Might be wrong, fall season is still early, but I really like this line. Nice colors, nice pattern, beautiful cut, and an overall sophisticated feel to the line.

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This is a great pho noodle place on 6th and Santa Clara and located right in front of the San Jose City Hall.

We went there to hang out with our former coworker, Han. She recently left San Jose State University and is working for a great company in Santa Cruz.

Han doing what she does best


The Regulars:


 Andy, he is still single





 DJ Felix, Deploy Quality Assurance




 yours truly.


A food shot of some great pho noodle.


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I have never been a great fan of fitted hats or hats in general. I bought a few caps before, but nothing major. My homie, Reggie, opened my eyes to the official brand. They are a company out of the Bay and are putting out some interesting things.


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I’m really feeling their stuff. Everyone puts out a New Era cap with just their logo and a couple of embroidery details, but I haven’t really seen someone take a new era cap and flip it with crazy graphics and fabrics like what this company is doing. Check them out here.