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Life is beautiful. One day you are enjoying your life like tomorrow will never come, and then as the sunsets in the edge of the earth, you realize that tomorrow is a new day with new journeys to travel.Tomorrow is the start of the new school year. Like with anything new, you are excited and weary. I want to experience something new and meet new people. But at the same time I am scared of rejection, apprehension, etc. But you just have to keep walking if you don’t know where there is.

 I was driving and I had the dangerous notion to document all that I see and this picture are the images that I wanted to share. 




OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!
A weekly crap update!!!

I  bought a couple of magazines this week. Giant Robot and Dwell. I almost always buy dwell, for the design topics that they put in the magazine. This month’s magazine has a focus on color and hues for design ideas and it was a good read.

I really like looking at the pictures, first and foremost, before I read the articles. Their monthly profile was interesting as well, go check this out at your local bookstore.

Second magazine is the new Giant Robot. I was at the bookstore and this issue caught my eye. I don’t really buy Giant Robot on a religious basis, but the “Meet John Jay” headline caught my eye and I admit that that was the close of the deal. Took my copy and went to the register.


Giant Robot is a great magazine that really profiles Asians around the world who have had a great impact in culture, design, etc. If your Asian, go pick it up and gain some knowledege. If your not learn something anyway.



Some great products came out form the keynote this year. But a part of me wanted Steve to come back for an encore and say his most famous line: “one more thing”.

I think the AppleTV is now in a better direction than where it was going before. iTunes rental is a good new addition to the media plan of Apple. The software updates for the iPhone and iPod touch were awesome, but do I really need to pay $20 bucks for the 5 apps, so that I can put those applications on my iPod Touch. Wasn’t the $400+ that I put on the table enough for your retirement plan, Steve???!!! Oh, the new Time Capsule is a pretty cool idea, and something that probably hasn’t been done before, and I think I see one in my future. 🙂


Now, the macbook air, a cool product with a lousy name, is something that does not ticke my fancy and a few others might not be interested in it either. I just don’t see anyone dropping $1900 for a laptop with a slower processor and a smaller hard drive than a macbook, or even a macbook pro.


I just see this as a proof of concept, and to me, where else can this go? The thinner the things get, the less the feature. The larger it gets takes away from the point of the machine. Oh, and I see the videos, and the multi-touch makes you look like a dork. I may be wrong, but I think this can only be a niche product for apple, and I don’t see parents or adults dropping dough for a laptop that simply looks cool. Oh, whats the point of doing SSD if it costs almost as much as the laptop?Hopefully, a new iPhone comes out in the summer. 3g, video recorder, and a couple bumps in camera megapixel are some of the things that is stopping me from getting an iPhone now.

Stupid wordpress, won’t let me post this video. Anyway here is the link to the video.  It’s a video from The Wire, with a character showing his fellow drug dealers how to play chess with references to the drug world.

I love the HBO’s show, The Wire. I a gritty tale of all the levels involved in the day to day events in one of the countries most notorious and deadliest cities. This video sums up to me the sadness and the beauty of The Wired. People who face odds that most will never see and still lived that life. Like an ant whose only prerogative is to do his job for all of his life or until he dies.