Monthly Archives: November 2006

I love this thing. I have only had for a day or two and I already used it already! I never used the iTunes store before and I am already a fan. Makes me want to get a credit card and max that mother out.
Here is what I bought:
Felix Da Housecat – Playboy Mixed
Aaron Lacrate – Bmore Gutter Music
Ben Lee – Freediving
Gorgo Bordello – Start Wearing Purple
Some other shit.

A Manny Pacquaio fight makes for a great event in my house. Most of the fam come around to watch the fight and we buy lots of food. This fight brought along $200 worth of food to my for a $50 dollar fight that ended too quickly. Where’s my money!? I want my money back! Fucking Pacquaio!
Anyway, had the fam over and this cause a giant photo-op.

Watching the opening fights. Sometimes, this are better than the main draw. Fucking pacquaio!

$200. Worth it.

Some of the fam using my valued resources!

Made with a family secret. Roll that roast beef footage!