Monthly Archives: June 2009

I gave in and purchased it. Wonderful camera. I need a bigger sd card, though. 2gigs is not enough!



Kid Yamamoto is one of the top Japanese MMA fighters. Although he lost his recent fight at the DREAM 9: Featherweight Grand Prix event, he definitely looked much more fashionable than his opponent.

Walkout tees are usually full of branding and advertisements for MMA/Medical Supplements/Gambling company graphics. Sometimes, the obligatory dragon or medieval theme graphic is usually placed prominently around the chest for added toughness and grit. A gritty helmet with large horns add to the creativity and toughness.


But Kid Yamamoto took it to the next level by adding some prominent streetwear companies to the mix with his walkout tee. Check out Crooks, RATS, Kicks/HI prominently featured on the back. I wish I could get a hold of one these.


While perusing the local Goodwill in San Jose, Ca I found some vinyl gems. Check em out. Bought some vinyl gems for $.99 and a killer pick up for $2.99!

Photo 210

I found this and intrigue by the word “Cannes” and the nice imagery from the front and back covers. The music was the icing on top.

Photo 211

Always wanted to listen to Perry Como.

Photo 212

“Back to life/Back to reality” is a killer hook. This vinyl release is pretty legit.

Photo 213

Self explanatory. Who wouldn’t buy this vinyl?

Photo 214

Nice dance track. Shit would go well in a club.

Photo 215

Haven’t listened yet. Booty bass at it’s finest though.

Photo 216

I came. I saw. I conquered