Monthly Archives: December 2006

Go get this! Ricky Bobby! Will Ferrell is a genius. Anyway, get this DVD peoples.

Talladega Nights DVD

Some people know me as a magazine whore. If it catches my eye and is relevant to my interests, then I will drop a nice, crisp 5 dollar bill on it. Dwell magazine is a very cool, very hip version of Better Home & Garden.

Dwell Magazine

I just went by Premier Boutique after work. Not much, just hanged out with some dudes. I bought a acapulco gold tee. The tee is the parody on the high end clothing lines out there. Can’t afford the real shit, so I buy the parody. Also bought a Instant Winner Cap, or sorry, military hat. Same shit. Anyway, I like the shit. If you live in San Jose, or the south bay in general, come around to premier boutique. They got some hot cakes over there.

Instant Winner Military Cap

Instant Winner Military Cap Detail