Monthly Archives: February 2008

Got a couple of magazines. Antenna, Complex, Dwell, SI Swimsuit Edition.

Got my paycheck. Time to get my christmas gift.

Sundae Tuesdays with my Tuesday sundae buddy, Christina.

Midterm for Cost Accounting.

Rex Naverrete show at Vision 08. Really funny. Too bad that it was shorter than expected, but I am now officially a fan. Also checked out a rapper by the name of Bambu, actually wasn’t a bad performance.

There are certain things that I just can’t do. Backflips, run a marathon, ask a girl out, etc. Doesn’t make anyone better just because they can do these things. But sometimes people just have more talent than other people. Watch this video of Jel jamming to a song with his MPC, and you’ll understand why not everyone is a born musician.