The Knicks somehow don’t like money all of a sudden. The NBA Tim Tebow is on the move and is now officially set on taking his talents and considerable money making clout onto the Houston Rockets. The Rockets offered a contract to Jeremy Lin that was unbelievable to say the least. $25 million for 3 years. Simple right? Nope, a $5 million second year that jumps to $15 million in the final year. Accepting this contract means the Knicks face a luxury tax for being over the budget as well. Amazingly played, Houston.

As fast as Linsanity grew to a fever pitch in New York, the exit went to the 11th hour before he officially became a Houston Rocket. Speculation abounded for whether the Knicks would decide to keep Jeremy Lin in a blue and orange uniform. They made a basketball decision, a good decision for their team but clearly is something that is not going to be appreciated by the already rabid New York Knicks fans.

Face facts, Jeremy Lin prints money when he is in the court. Whether it be because he is Asian, or the personification of the American dream of personal struggle to riches, Jeremy Lin was the hot topic for much of the second half of the 2011-2012 NBA Season. MSG sells out on a regular basis, but it was different. Fans didn’t want to see the Knicks just for the Knicks, their asses were on those seats for #17. The same jersey that was #2 in total sales for the NBA. More than Koba and Lebron. More than Melo and Amar’e at 5 and 11, respectively.There was true buzz in the air for the Knicks for once.

We won’t know till halfway through the 2012 season if Jeremy Lin is really legit or just really lucky. But I know that in Houston he is about to be the face of that team. How is it that the Rockets become the center for Chinese NBA stars with Yao Ming and now Jeremy Lin? Some would say it’s a small market town in terms of business and endorsement, but it’s the 4th largest city in the USA, and about 6% are of Asian ethnicity. Jeremy Lin will have no problem transferring his considerable financial success for the Rockets.

Media attention was there for Yao Ming, if Jeremy Lin continues his success on the court, the media will pay attention to the Jeremy Lin story. Season tickets will be sold and asses will be on those seats. Advertising for the Rockets will jump tremendously as soon as the ball drops on the first game.


The marketing budget for the Dark Knight Rises is being well utilized by Warner Brothers. With the movie coming in a few weeks, Warner Brothers, placed this 3D Billboard Ad on Sunset and La Brea in Hollywood. This is not actually graphic with elements spewing out, but an actual hole in the billboard with pieces of billboard spewing out.

This screams ACTION! Movie billboards should convey the proper attitude about action/adventure movies. This hits it on the head what Dark Knight Rises moviegoers will expect about the movie. Hopefully, the other big action movie this summer, The Expendables 2, will follow with this strategy. Imagine billboards placed all over the country with past action heroes flexing and blowing things up.

Oh, Pitbull. How I envy thee. Walmart and Pitbull joined together in a contest to send the artist to an in-store visit at any Walmart in the USA that receives the most Facebook Likes. A few gentlemen at the website Something Awful have rallied fellow internet users to send Pitbull to a Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska. Wow. Just Wow. I bet the marketing department at RCA Records, Sheets Energy Strip, sand Walmart didn’t see this coming.

The Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska is the most remote store. The store already has more likes than it’s 6,000+ populations. Even though being a remote store, this Walmart is no ordinary Walmart. It has bear repellants on stock. Bear Repellants. On STOCK!!! This is a long way from Miami, Pitbull.

Saw this on prollyisnotprobably, a couple days of ago. The CW&T Blockhead Steam is a nice little addition to any bike, fixed gear mostly. I’ve been trying to save a few here and there, but I think this stem is just to good to pass up. Probably wait a few more paychecks to cop, but I definitely want this on my bike. I just love how simple the industrial design is. Plus the added benefit of having a integrated brake lever is icing on the cake.

courtesy of creative genius not affiliated with apple, or are they.

So the internet has been set on fire by the possibility of an Apple Tablet. Dubbed the “iSlate”, because of domain registration by the Cupertino company, the as of this moment publicly unseen product will be something. Rumors are saying the product will be feature everything from the mouth watering front facing camera for iChat sessions to more than unnecessary multi-touch on the back of the unit. The rumors are almost always never fulfilled, but I hope that more than one of the rumors are fulfilled by the company.

My 2 cents says it will be a “Life Device”. It won’t be a full fledged computer. For obvious technical reasons. It will be a mini computer that can go with you anywhere. Think of it as a mix of the geographic computing freedom that a netbook provides and the form factor and information potential that a kindle or e-book possesses. An iPhone is a suffice solution but the screen really hinders the iPhone potential compared to what a tablet, or “iSlate”, would provide.

another mock up courtesy of another creative genius

What do I mean by “Life Device”? The iPhone is a good example. Before the prevalent days of smart phones, which hasn’t really been that long, gathering and pulling information to you would consist of sitting in front of a bulky desktop computer or, to the more mobile minded user, a laptop tethered to either a Ethernet cord or a wife connection. A great solution that calls for the days that people sat in front of a television to wait for their favorite show to turn on or get their news.

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I love the simplicity in these shoes. I’m on a real black phase right now. Vans and Max Schaaf really put these shoes very well. Check out the Japanese blue waves on the shoe inserts. Plus, I got it on discount at Circle-A in Downtown San Jose.

I’m gonna be on a simple shoe binge for the next couple of months. First is some simple eras. Then the All-Black Janoskis from NikeSB.

I also love the packaging. Max Schaaf is a man who lives for skating and motorcycles. Check out the box. It looks like oil can boxes from the 50s. Oh, it also comes with handlebar covers for a bike. Might put these on my handlebars.

Yeah that’s right. We rode today. Far. Very far indeed.