Everyday people put stuff in their pocket. Things that they always put in on a regular basis. Somethings not. Here is my pocket’s story.

1. The communication device.

2. The keys of travel, work, and home. The ever important bottle opener.

3. USB key for porn, illegal music, i mean…stuff.

4. Cash money and plastic.

5. The iPod.



I just entered the hipster zone. My new bike should be coming in on Friday. Looking to get in shape and look cool doing it. More of the previous than the latter. Check out the vendor that I bought it from here.

Yes, I have crossed over to the darkside. Or the good side if you look at it another way. Why? I guess it was just time. I will miss my nokia e61i. Hopefully iPhone software 3.0 comes sooner rather than later cause I really want copy and paste. Anyway, i’ll have an update on a better keyboard sooner rather than later. Everything at school is crashing on Me, but I’ll definitely have something this week. See you in a couple of days.