If you happen to read a newspaper today or for the next few, Samsung, is launching an ad campaign to somehow stop the line at Apple stores around the world from forming. Good luck with that. The newspaper ads is simply a shot of the two phones together with the tagline “It doesn’t take a genius” with a rundown of arguably superior features of the Galaxy S III compared to the features of the iPhone 5. Pretty clever, I guess.

Unfortunately, the leak on a few news sources before publication and Apple fanboys/girls have decided to fight back. With a few of their renditions. Pretty clever. I personally like the PSA anti-bully one below. Nothing makes it more serious than pointing out which tech company is the bully.

Samsung has a pretty clever ad campaign here. These ads are running in a few newspapers around the country. In my opinion, those who will probably view these ads will be people who are late adopters and may be thinking about purchasing their very first smart phones or purchasing one as a gift. Smart on Samsung, if they recognize this potential. But in reality too much negative feedback has been created with the ruling against Samsung in their copyright case with Apple.

Just move on and stay away from that whole debacle. Yes, any press is good press, but public opinion has already swayed in favor of Apple. It will take a much stronger push than a comparative ad between the Galaxy and the iPhone to change that. If your phone is really strong in features and supposedly leap years ahead than the iPhone, use the phone as your tool. Not words. Show off your phone in action. Create the desire.


courtesy of creative genius not affiliated with apple, or are they.

So the internet has been set on fire by the possibility of an Apple Tablet. Dubbed the “iSlate”, because of domain registration by the Cupertino company, the as of this moment publicly unseen product will be something. Rumors are saying the product will be feature everything from the mouth watering front facing camera for iChat sessions to more than unnecessary multi-touch on the back of the unit. The rumors are almost always never fulfilled, but I hope that more than one of the rumors are fulfilled by the company.

My 2 cents says it will be a “Life Device”. It won’t be a full fledged computer. For obvious technical reasons. It will be a mini computer that can go with you anywhere. Think of it as a mix of the geographic computing freedom that a netbook provides and the form factor and information potential that a kindle or e-book possesses. An iPhone is a suffice solution but the screen really hinders the iPhone potential compared to what a tablet, or “iSlate”, would provide.

another mock up courtesy of another creative genius

What do I mean by “Life Device”? The iPhone is a good example. Before the prevalent days of smart phones, which hasn’t really been that long, gathering and pulling information to you would consist of sitting in front of a bulky desktop computer or, to the more mobile minded user, a laptop tethered to either a Ethernet cord or a wife connection. A great solution that calls for the days that people sat in front of a television to wait for their favorite show to turn on or get their news.

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Yes, I have crossed over to the darkside. Or the good side if you look at it another way. Why? I guess it was just time. I will miss my nokia e61i. Hopefully iPhone software 3.0 comes sooner rather than later cause I really want copy and paste. Anyway, i’ll have an update on a better keyboard sooner rather than later. Everything at school is crashing on Me, but I’ll definitely have something this week. See you in a couple of days.


Totally took me by surprise. Just checking my RSS feeds and this popped up out of nowhere. New design, new features, same old Apple feel.


The controls have been moved to the headphone to make the form factor much smaller than before. Also an interesting feature is Voice Over. It tells you what’s playing through some computerized voice with the ability to speak in 14 language. Wowzee.


Check out Apple for the details.


Some great products came out form the keynote this year. But a part of me wanted Steve to come back for an encore and say his most famous line: “one more thing”.

I think the AppleTV is now in a better direction than where it was going before. iTunes rental is a good new addition to the media plan of Apple. The software updates for the iPhone and iPod touch were awesome, but do I really need to pay $20 bucks for the 5 apps, so that I can put those applications on my iPod Touch. Wasn’t the $400+ that I put on the table enough for your retirement plan, Steve???!!! Oh, the new Time Capsule is a pretty cool idea, and something that probably hasn’t been done before, and I think I see one in my future. 🙂


Now, the macbook air, a cool product with a lousy name, is something that does not ticke my fancy and a few others might not be interested in it either. I just don’t see anyone dropping $1900 for a laptop with a slower processor and a smaller hard drive than a macbook, or even a macbook pro.


I just see this as a proof of concept, and to me, where else can this go? The thinner the things get, the less the feature. The larger it gets takes away from the point of the machine. Oh, and I see the videos, and the multi-touch makes you look like a dork. I may be wrong, but I think this can only be a niche product for apple, and I don’t see parents or adults dropping dough for a laptop that simply looks cool. Oh, whats the point of doing SSD if it costs almost as much as the laptop?Hopefully, a new iPhone comes out in the summer. 3g, video recorder, and a couple bumps in camera megapixel are some of the things that is stopping me from getting an iPhone now.