Microsoft Surface thoughts and Ideas

is it Microsoft Surface? Or THE Microsoft Surface. How about Surface by Microsoft. At least it isn’t Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 RT. Oh, that’s the official title. Microsoft at it again.

The Pro is a product that serves no purpose other than a product that will be bought by stupid early adopters who mistake this as something better than a ultra book. I think the Pro is dead on arrival.

Microsoft has been getting a lot of flack for how everything and anything. Critics are giving bad reviews to a product that hasn’t come out yet. It doesn’t help that not even a third through the product presentation, the Surface crashes and has to be switched out for a fresh unit. It seems like that was planned or expected somehow. Regardless, the product isn’t ready. RELAX.

Regardless, I like the Surface. It’s a product that adds something fresh to the market. Android and IOS are the de-facto tablet operating system choices and I feel innovation has been stagnant from both ends. Surface probably will not succeed in the tablet market but it has a good chance of helping drive the future computing user experience.

Pricing has not been released, but if they try to match prices with Apple, Surface is going to have a really hard time competing with the iPad. I think price points for the Surface RT and Surface Pro should be, $349 and $749, respectively. Microsoft can afford to lose money for the sake of sales on this product. Microsoft may not be as dominant as they once were, but their cash resources are as abundant as before.

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