First Fixed Gear Bike Upgrade

A bike is great fun. A fixed gear bike is even greater fun. On a fixed gear you can’t coast. At all. You can pedal slowly, but you can’t stop pedaling. That’s a great thing about a fixed gear bike. The rush of air hitting you in the face as you pedal faster and faster, testing your body and mental capacity to just keep on pedaling and pedaling.

The thing about a fixed gear bike is that you have to use toe clips in order to secure your feet to your pedals. I hate toe clips. They are not meant for big footed people, at least the ones that came with my bike. I decided to take them out and needless to say it wasn’t fun. Pedaling was a bitch. I exerted too much force pushing down and keeping my feet on the pedal.

So I decided to purchase this product called Feetbelts. For $20, plus $6 shipping, I received a set of belts made from recycled seat belts. They get a bunch of belts from damaged cars at the junkyard, they do their magic, and you get a great product! Ha, I love this thing. It’s made my rides very fun and much more comfortable.

Pick up this product if you are looking for a great alternative to traditional toe clips.

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