Mo’ money, mo’ problems. Giant Robot SF and books to keep you going when you want to read or look at books

I recently perused through the Giant Robot store in San Francisco and it was exactly what I thought it would be like. I’ve been a casual reader of the Giant Robot magazine for some time. Considering the economy, more about that later, I have not been on magazine kaibutsu mode for quite some time. But when I get the chance, I love reading the fine publication that Giant Robot is.

Anyway, I have been wanting to go to the store for quite a long time. When a day opened up for me I took the chance to tag along with my friends to San Francisco. That’s another post entirely. We went to the store around 3:00 and I was deadset on going to the store as soon as I saw the sign.

As I walked in I was greeted by some friendly faces. Mike, the one manning the register, was very friendly and willing to talk about anything. Some really cool people work at that store. Anyway, I saw the book table and I had to look through the collection.

I first layed eyes on the Deth P. Sun sketchbook and I was instantly drawn to the fun sketches that were published inside. I really liked the artwork and hope to see more from this local artist.


I also a book that I have been wanting to purchase for a long time. The lomography Fisheye book is something that I have had on a wishlist for a long time. Along with a fisheye lomography camera. 🙂 As it turns out, this book does not dissapoint. Some may say that lomo pictures are weird, artsy, and totally worthless. I disagree. There is a random feel to the pictures, but the streaks of light and exposure on the final picture adds to the beauty of the image.


All in all, the damage on the wallet was not as bad as I thought and it was a totally worth the experience. If you have a chance visit their website and their stores in LA, SF, and NY.


618 Shrader St.
San Francisco CA 94117
Mon-Fri 11:30-8, Sat. 11-8, Sun 12-7
(415) 876.4773

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