Paul Pope is Artistically Better Than Most of Us


I’ve read comics for a long time. I was more into the art and design elements of a comic book more than the story itself. I was even fascinated by comic book lettering for a couple of years. I had a great fascination for artist like Jim Lee, Michael Turner (RIP), Leinil Francis Yu, Travis Charest, Alex Ross, etc., etc. This guys had art that were not only original styles and were imitated, and sometimes shamalessly copied, by many artists in the comic book industry.


Unfortunately, I grew up and my dreams of comic book stardom, fascination for that matter, went away as the years dissapeared. I don’t know if it were the lack of interesting stories or artists to admire, but I just lost interest in keeping up with the joneses on comic books.


Recently, I had the great blessing in disguise to randomly check out a comic book store in my neighborhood. Treasure Island Comics is where I found some reading material that I have been interested in reading. My interest in comics is still in the art.


Paul Pope is an artist that I admire. Paul Pope’s work have this dynamic, free-motion style to it that I have not seen before. From his panels in Batman: 100, it almost as if he is not hindered by the board size or the frame. The clean and almost simplistic line work effectively tells the story and creates detail that catches the eye of any reader . I would love to see how Zack Synder frames a panel from Paul Pope’s work.


Check out paul pope’s blog here and go to your local comic book store to read some. Don’t worry it’s not as geeky as you think.

All images courtesy of DC, Paul Pope.


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