Life is what you make of it

Life is short. Everyone of cherish these moments that we call life. Nothing hurts me more than feeling incomplete or not fulfilling the potential that we all have as human beings. Everyday life is filled with joy. All you have to do is live it and you will be better because of it

There are people out there doing amazing things in life. This man named Fred Knittle passed away from a battle with cancer. Unfortunately, like all things in the world, some things have to end. But it seemed that this man did everything without hesitation and with full intentions to fulfill the joy of life. Watch this video and see how a man stricken with cancer and heart failure can sing and give a performance that most artists will never ever achieve.

Enjoy your life. Like the people of Young@heart choir, live it and you will see the beauty of life.

Fred Knittle & young@heart choir performing “Fix You” by Coldplay

Fred Knittle, 83, a man with a passion.


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