Amazon is awesome!!!

I have been sick for the past couple of days, so I have been on love lockdown mode. Anyway, Christmas was great. Spending time with the family is all what I look forward to in Christmas. Anyway, I like to get little gifts for myself just to keep the days interesting. 🙂 So, I purchased a book that I have been looking forward to read in a while, Buying In by Rob Walker.

Buying In by Rob Walker

Buying In by Rob Walker

Rob Walker is a columnist for the NYTimes and a blogger. I am a marketing major and interested in how, in this ever changing world, to properly and effectively sell a product. How to sell a product in which new generations of consumers are less susceptible to the current marketing techniques.

Iron Man DVD

Iron Man DVD

I also purchased the Iron Man: Collector’s 2-Disc Set. I loved this movie when it first came out. This movie is contrasting in style to Dark Knight. Hero movies are meant to give the viewers a sense of belief in something and an admiration for qualities unlike those of our own. Though Dark Knight was a greater movie, I found it to be a downer, while I found Iron Man to be an uplifting movie. I believe that Iron Man is a better super hero movie because of this.


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