Nike 90 Current x Caol Uno 10AC collection


This Caol Uno designed Nike 90 Current is a beautiful shoe. The white perforated body and blue and black heel is a very classy design choice. This is part of the 10AC collection. The 10AC collection is a great example of the strong continued bond between the athlete and Nike. No matter what sport you partake in, Nike is probably in leadership position to better the performance of the athlete.


Caol Uno is a veteran in the MMA game. He has fought professionally for over a decade now and has had his share of ups and downs. But no one can deny his talent, fighting in 40 fights and winning 25 of them. A few years ago, Caol Uno joined forces with Nike in creating a apparel collection that compliment the fighting lifestyle. The collection is a great mix of casual and training wear for fighters, and aspiring fighter, or for training buff looking to be fashionable in the workout gear.


The Nike 90 is the third product from the Air Max. The 90 is a very functional shoe with charateristics that appeal to the fashion aesthetics of many wearers. Air Max shoes are as much likely to be seen at the local gym wore by a fitness freak or at the burger spot wore by a french fries freak. Comfortable shoes for comfortably fashionable people in comfortable situations.


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