Going the extra mile

Americans, in general, are hard workers. But the two days out of the week that we call our weekend is our sanctuary for relaxation. But sometimes I think of what Americans can accomplish if we just go to that extra mile. That one or two steps that we as workers can perform to be more productivity as a whole. In Japan it’s not uncommon for an employe to spend their entire entire career in one job. In fact, it’s the norm. Japanese men and women are very loyal to their jobs. If you don’t believe me, find a video of a Japanese gas station attendant, and you’ll see the dedication to their position. In America, some would look down on a certain job career. But in Japan, any job is a great job. Check out some pictures of Japanese studio Polyphony Digital, producers of the very popular Gran Turismo series. Sleeping in cramp cots and sleeping chairs in your very confined cubicle, now that’s going the extra mile. Thank you to jeffstaple for these images. Please check out his blog here.


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