So you wanna be a journalist?

‘Interesting, though, the citizens’ definition of “news.”‘ – Learmonth, Advertising Age

Media is a changing landscape. Everything is coming into the web. TV, Films, and Music will all one day be delivered on the internet. With that a cultural change is brewing. What is entertainment? Users are more inclined to view things that are not necessarily pushed down their throat. People are the ones in control of what they want to see, but negatives come with this freedom. CBS found out the hard way.

CBS has jumped the interactivity bandwagon and have given viewers a website all their own. In the spirit of, CBS has created a social news network website called On the website, users upload pictures and videos that give a first hand account as the news happen. CBS is not the first TV network to invest in this strategy, CNN has prominently placed youtube videos and twitter messages in their live broadcast to expand their content.

CBS found a market that they could infiltrate with their brand name, and a pie got thrown into their face. They basically did not expect users to upload NSFW content on their website. Negative content like this can hurt the brand and the website technology.

Advertisers are not willing to put their name next to the service because of a negative image associated with it. But if were to control the content and have moderators find items that are news-worthy, would users feel less inclined to put their content on the website. It’s the double edge sword of creating a social news website when you’re depending on money streaming in from main street. You either lose business or you lose users, which is important. A balance has to be expressed inside the organization, and the true skin of CBSeyemobile will show.

Read the advertising age blog post here.

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