Nike Fall Releases

Nike has been in a bit of slump in my eyes. Three years ago, at the height of shoe collection, Nike inc. was the motherfucker. They had the best colorways, the best collaborations, the best ideas, but then they over saturated the market with their ultimate super limited collection of sneakers. Then they tried to make it mainstream with exclusive colorways at footlocker or at footaction, and shoe collecting has never been the same. I’m not much of a shoe collector, I like a few pieces that work for the times and wear it till it wears out. Nothing more, nothing less.

With some new releases coming from the land of Beaverton, Ore. in the way of Nike AirMax 2008 trainers and a winter pack inspired by winter animals, Nike is back to making good shoes that you can wear and not worry about dead stocking or the after market ebay price.

Still fashionable, but back to an emphasis on functionality. Welcome back Nike. Welcome back. But please don’t fuck it up and make 100+ Air Force One 25th anniversary edition shoes that no one is going to buy.


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