Bape 2008 Fall Release

BAPE has been one of the main players in the global fashion market for a while now. But recently their bright colored, cartoon character design aesthetics to clothing has received a fairly large backlash in the acceptance of the brand as a true, non-trend focused, apparel maker.

Nigo, owner and creative impresario, has stuck to his guns and release season after season of consistent apparel design that follows the motif of A Bathing Ape. Unfortunately, BAPE is not what it was years ago. Japan, the always moving giant, has veered away from the wildly colorful fashion design and have otherwise laid their sights on simplicity. Black, grays, navy blues, etc. over Big Bird Yellow, throw up Green and Purple.

Bape, in my view, is facing a turning point. Should they bathe in old water or should they gradually move into a more mature design viewpoint. Time will tell, but Nigo and company have taken their design chops and as seen from the following images, are ready to show the world that apes don’t always bathe in old water.


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