OMG! OMG! OMG!!! Google Chrome! World Domination!!!

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I dont get really all teched out on the blog, but today is a good day to start. I recently found this on a couple of websites. Google Chrome is a new project that Google has decided to deploy in order to continue their world domination. Google Chrome is a open-source browser from Google (obviously.) that has very interesting features and in my opinion is a few years late. It is running the webkit framework, the same engine used by Safari, with a totally new javascript codenamed V8 that is supposedly going to flip how javascript engines work. The details are shown in a comic book by Scott McCloud who accomplishes the google way of simplicity in his artwork. As I read the comic book I felt like the ideas made sense. Sort of the “Why didn’t I think of that?” moment or how Albert Einstein felt when he figured out the formula to speed of ligh of energy in relation to mass (e=mc2 is the relation to the mass and energy of, i think). Anyway, read the comic book here and see the future of computing.

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  1. Tiago said:

    waiting for the download liberation xD

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