Summer Vacation from this blog.

Okay, its time to get back into writing again. I find myself slacking every summer on improving my writing skills. With this blogging is my way to improve my writing. Not necessarily on my technical skills, but my ability to communicate and effectively express my thoughts and ideas.

So here goes…

Some new Ice Cream and Bape heat (doesn’t make sense, i know). Hate or love ’em, Nigo and company bring some fire with their 2008 summer line. The graphics are playful and on point. The ice cream logo shirt works with the motif of the line, simple graphics that play off the elements of sweet, sweet, sweet ice cream.

The Bape shirt is a simple communicative design graphic. Focus on the graphic, you may see the simian logo that adorns the Bape line as of late. But you notice the large e, then the r, the j, the period, comma, and the c. You see the simplicity of this graphic made in some alphabetical letters and you feel it. Everybody loves a nice picture, but when you flip it and make a graphic out of letters, there is a certain twist that you feel. People would rather see pictures than read and imagine about it and some would rather read than look at pictures. This gears towards those two views. It’s like Japanese Ascii Graphic Design.

This jacket is amazing. Made with Gore-tex that is light weight, Voyage by WasteTwice and Lowe Alpine collaborate on a very beautiful jacket. Comes in black, blue, green, and various two color options. Again, a very beautiful cut with some details like the pockets and neck protectors. It’s like a mix of a Daft Punk live show and a military jacket made to feel lightweight in the spring and summer. (Okay, mostly spring but you can get away with this in the summer. If you were somewhere up north or deep down the southern hemisphere.)

The whole half dot girl on a shirt phase is nearly done. But once in a while something like this makes me smile. A very beautiful girl in cmyk, half naked, and a key hole. Simple and effective. To lure a customer, the most effective way is to use sex. 🙂 Nice job, IM-King.

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