Sen Dai, my new favorite sushi restaurant

Sen Dai is, to put it bluntly, a hole in the wall. But as soon as you enter the doors of this tiny restaurant, you are automatically exposed to the charm of this little Japanese restaurant. The food was great and something that I would have never experienced had it none been for my friend ChardX. Thanks and belated happy birthday, Manye!

Charles and Manye contemplating their menu choices.

An abundant menu with all items at a very nice price. My two dishes, the Chicken Katsu and the Dragon Roll, totalled to about $16. It was very fulfilling and kept me full til dinner 5 hours later.

After much deliberation, the two decide. Man: Pork Katsu and a Caterpillar Roll. Charles: Sashimi and the STORM BRINGER! (No joke, thats the name of the dish. 🙂 )

My chicken katsu. Chicken was tender, but the sauce was a bit on the tangy side and just overpowered the chicken taste a little. But overall was a great dish.

Dragon Roll (Mine) on the Right. On the left is Manye’s caterpillar roll. Hmm, delicious.

Charles Sashimi.

An overall great experience. Hard to find great little restaurants have a very soothing and calming atmosphere with great food to boot. Highly recommended. Check it out on YELP.


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