The Sartorialist


The Sartorialist was something that I first notice in a copy of GQ at work. I then was reading the Time Magazine issue with the 100 Design Influences topic and it then caught my eye some more.

The Sartorialist is not an original concept to me. There is/was a Japanese fashion magazine that had a web presence with the same concept. They would send their photographers to fashion centers such as Paris, London, New York, etc to take photographs of fashion on the street. I wish I could find the magazine’s website or figure out its name.

Anyway, the idea of the Sartorialist or the aforementioned Japanese Magazine is something that I could never pull-off on my own. For me to go on a street corner and ask to take a picture of a random fashionista would either include me being labeled a perv or face down on the ground being heckled as a perv by random people.

I have to give it to the Sartorialist, Scott Schuman, because he has an eye for things that I neglect to fully notice until it has been pointed out to me. I appreciate the pretty pictures, the pretty clothes, and the pretty girls, but I really fully appreciate the ability to make a story out of a picture and give inspirations to the otherwise naive and ignorant. There are many things that can be said about a person and their clothes and what is left unsaid must be found out.

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  1. Somebody give you head to plug a site that much?

    You should try taking the random shots; not so hard

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