10: a wish list for christmas, hannukah, etc.

10. Peace on Earth – This should be higher on the list (probably at #1), but like all things in life, this dream is not guaranteed and may never come true. But can’t stop a guy from trying, right?

9. A new phone – I have a razr black edition cell phone, and it has been a great phone till it started to develop a very unpleasant habit of disturbing my phone calls with static and buzzing noises. Other than that it has fulfilled every need that I have out of a phone. But please Santa, can I have a new phone?

8. A new Daft Punk album – My friend has been saying that a new album always come out after a live album from them, so hopefully 2008 brings an album that doesn’t suck. Bring back that good house shit!

7.  My own clothing brand – been the goal since the beginning…

6. Money – can’t have enough if the world revolves around it.

5. A girl to share a milkshake with – plan b ready to go…then c-z if that don’t work out.

4. Unlimited HD Channels – Come on Comcast, why can’t I have more than 30 HD channels. Give me a good reason other than “pipe limitations”.

3. A 80gb iPod touch – not an ipod, but an iPhone nano. Same functionality without the phone. I don’t want to pay a large amount of my paycheck just to check e-mail and message casually with friends. Plus I want an 80gb iPod, because 16 gigs just aint enough for all my porn, images, and music. Come on Apple, don’t water that shit down!!!

2. My own web 3.0 startup – The countdown is on…think of it as a flickr/myspace/facebook/youtube/google/amazon/digg mash up company. VCs, you know who to holler at.

1. A life – I need to stop spending all my time in front of the computer screen. I think google’s logo burned into my retina. Plus, I keep on dreaming of 2 girls and 1 cup.


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