Fitted Caps by The Official Brand


courtesy of

I have never been a great fan of fitted hats or hats in general. I bought a few caps before, but nothing major. My homie, Reggie, opened my eyes to the official brand. They are a company out of the Bay and are putting out some interesting things.


courtesy of the official brand

I’m really feeling their stuff. Everyone puts out a New Era cap with just their logo and a couple of embroidery details, but I haven’t really seen someone take a new era cap and flip it with crazy graphics and fabrics like what this company is doing. Check them out here.

  1. reg said:

    dope.. i got mentioned on the site! them caps are sick.

  2. D-eezy1 said:

    I think i have a new hat that you can make, i don’t have it but i can tell you what it will look like. The front of the fitted will say for example New Haven,Ct and on the side it will have the zip code 06519 and on the back it will say My City.

  3. celine said:

    were do i buy these hats???

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