Mega’s Clothing Line (HUFSF)

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If there is one brand that represents the bay area fashion and lifestyle scene, it would have to be HUF of San Francisco. Many of you might now the story, but basically New York transplant Keith Hufnagel moves to San Francisco to become a skateboarding pro and makes it. Years later, after years of grinding it out (no pun intended) Sir Huf decides to open a shoe shop on the legendary Haight street. Anyway, three stores and a bunch of limited releases later they are now the cream of the crop among the sneaker collectives around the world.

So, one of the main guys at HUF is Mega and after the success of Benny Gold’s clothing line, Stay Gold, Mega has now decided to release the hounds of his creative vision. Check out the story behind Mega’s “Black Label” clothing line at

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  1. Actually huf is only at Sutter and Hayes. Personally i think this line is gonna be trash. Nothing innovative about it and i will not fall into the hype of it…. and no comment on huf the store itself

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