courtesy of hypebeast.com

Soccer, or European Football as we Americans like to put it, is not that popular in America. Partly because of the idea that Soccer is a sissy sport and mostly because we care more about American Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey. I personally think soccer is a tough sport that can help shed some pounds.

But I really like soccer fashion. Especially, the more casual focus clothing put out by Adidas and Nike. So, I have shed some light before on the fact the Nike isn’t really the de facto brand for soccer, but I think they are going in the right direction with their collaboration with japanese soccer fanatic/designer Hirofumi Kiyonaga. Hirofumi Kiyonaga is also creative mastermind for SOPH/SOPHNET. The line is called F.C.R.B. and the line’s main purpose is to both function as fashion pieces on the street, as well as performance wear on the field. More pics after the jump.

courtesy of hypebeast.com


courtesy of hypebeast.com


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