Over Saturation

There comes a point in any product where over exposure results in the downfall. Think of the walkman. At a point in the 80s, it was the hottest item on every person’s Christmas gift list. Then it was the CD Player. And now it might just be the iPod.

In clothing, especially “street fashion”, this is almost common among brands. It is almost hard to keep a product interesting and viable in a market. Think of the different hip hop clothing brands in the late 90s and early 21st century. Now they are becoming less relevant as every season comes and goes. All trying to keep up with upstart brands, such as Johnny Cupcakes.

I have known of this brand and was surprised to see it well represented for an interview on MTV. When I first heard about Johnny Cupcakes I couldn’t believe the idea behind the brand. How can you succeed with just cupcakes on a shirt? I discarded the brand and never thought of it.

But check it out, a feature on mtv.com, cnbc big idea interview; they are really getting some media exposure. But can the hype last? Can they still be “hip” and still face the business potential? They have a loyal base of fans, but with anything, consumers come and go, especially in trendy market like fashion. Time will only tell.

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  1. Dominant, established trends aren’t going to crumble to fads. It will take a shift in the entire music industry to upset the iPod, and while upstarts for shaking things up, they hardly ever end up actually making an impact.

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