What mr kim says, we must follow. Or furious anger will strike down upon…okay maybe a little bit over the top. Anyway, the way I found Mr Kim, or Rickey Kim’s site through the hundreds website. I believe I was looking for MAGIC updates a couple of years back when I started college. This was when the market was still fresh and not saturated. There certainly was not a dedicated streetwear section in the MAGIC convention.

Anyway, I was looking through the hundred’s website when they talked about Rickey Kim and MAGIC updates on his site. I was like cool let me see what’s up. I was still ignorant in my views, still trying to increase the knowledge. But when I saw his site, I was like: “WOW”. It was totally different from what I expected.

Mr Kim gave a totally different perspective to the scene, something that I didn’t see in other sites. Okay, the previous statement may be a bit of an overstatement, but it was a good learning experience for me. I was exposed to art, in a general sense, that I really had not seen before. If I could sum it up in any way, Mr Kim was that cool guy in class. (I know, this is like the second “that guy in class” example, but bare with me.) He had the cool shoes and all that, but he had an edge. Whether it was his charisma or his intellect there was something that set him apart from the rest.

I, at the time, wanted to be like that and show the world what made me interesting. It was an inspiration moment for me and this site. Go check out Mr Kim Says and learn something about culture and maybe you will be inspired as well.

Everyday is a learning experience and I learned something that day.


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