Nike, the slave shop supporters (just joking)

Nike is still the de facto shoe brand around the world. Okay, soccer is not one of their main brands right now. Tip your hats to Adidas for still keeping their hold on that market. But most people overlook the apparel line of Nike. No not the hoodies of college programs that they put out, but the more casual fashion line that they put out.Take for example the new Spring 07 Nike Tech Pack Collection.


courtesy of

I recently saw this on the hypebeast website and I though: “Damn, Nike is fucking crazy cool”. After the over saturation of the Nike Dunk and all the “streetwear” shoes, Nike seemed a bit on a down swing with their releases. There was not a great uproar from people over new shoes. I may a bit naive in saying that, but nothing that I saw Nike release recently made me want to buy their stuff.Maybe it’s my aging process, but Nike seemed like that guy in the back of the class who use to be cool, but got way too much attention and all the hype died down. Just bear with me for a bit.But after seeing this Tech Pack collection, Nike, I believe, is coming back full force. Of course, this won’t mean much to the overall consumer market, but the direction their going with clean cuts and sleek design will help rejuvenate the feeling of Nike as one of the de facto style makers of our generation.Here are some more pictures:


courtesy of


courtesy of


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