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I looked at one at the Palo Alto store and wondered if it was the right phone for me. The only thing that really puts me off of this phone is the keyboard. I have fat fingers and pecking did not do it for me. I don’t know, maybe I’ll buy generation 2 of this phone. Hopefully it will be a lot cheaper and have a lot more features.

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  1. DUDE!

    One of the big selling points is the way that the keyboard “learns” the user. And it’s true. A friend of mine, who also has fat fingers, recently purchased one. He flies while he types on it. His fat fingers make typos all over the place, but the keyboard KNOWS those tendencies and auto-corrects them. The trick is to not focus or worry about getting every word right letter-for-letter and just trusting the program to know you and fix it for you.

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