Pacquiao Fight. $50 for 3 rounds.

A Manny Pacquaio fight makes for a great event in my house. Most of the fam come around to watch the fight and we buy lots of food. This fight brought along $200 worth of food to my for a $50 dollar fight that ended too quickly. Where’s my money!? I want my money back! Fucking Pacquaio!
Anyway, had the fam over and this cause a giant photo-op.

Watching the opening fights. Sometimes, this are better than the main draw. Fucking pacquaio!

$200. Worth it.

Some of the fam using my valued resources!

Made with a family secret. Roll that roast beef footage!

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  1. Lemuel Labao said:

    Pacquiao is not a complete fighter yet.. He lacks the art of defense.. He is just like a castle with no moat surrouds it.. He must take aggressive calculated(estimated)risks.. Defence and offence at the same time.. Just like what Jack Dempsey(king of alll punchers)did.. Dempsey roll is the key to make Manny unstoppable.. If our people’s champ learned that kind of attack then he will make all the opponents taller and larger than him always down with no worries when going in for the kill..

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